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Covid-19 Response

Impact Partner

Impact is at the core of everything we do, but it isn’t just about our philanthropic commitments. We also have the honor of entering into our clients’ lives often during the highest emotional highs (newly married, expanding family, or new job opportunity) or lowest emotional lows (death in the family, divorce, job loss, or health issues). This year, Covid-19 added an entirely new dimension to this aspect of our work. After being declared essential workers, we were able to keep doing our work helping our clients buy and sell homes—though with masks and cleaning supplies kept in the trunks of our cars and a whole lot more time spent on Zoom! More than following the added safety precautions, however, our team supported our clients, friends, and family through the economic uncertainty that accompanied the pandemic. We made it our primary goal to offer our clients personalized counsel, based on our in-depth research on the market as it changed in surprising ways. Our team poured time, energy, and money into making sure our clients were well taken care of during the pandemic—even in ways completely unrelated to our real estate knowledge! I am incredibly proud of the way our team’s heart for impact spilled over into our dedication to our clients’ best interests throughout these trying times.

Delivering groceries during the early lockdown of the pandemic was heartbreaking and fulfilling. With so much fear and uncertainty early on when no one knew how long things would last and so many were afraid to go out to stores, especially the families who were caring for older parents and grandparents, it was a welcome distraction to go out on little missions to pick up essentials. Locals who suddenly found themselves out of work were excited to have the help purchasing basics like milk, eggs and cheese. It felt like the least we could do, and I was honored to be a part of a team that was in a position to help provide aid with genuine enthusiasm.

-Megan Phillips


When I helped pass out lunches for elementary school kids during the beginning of COVID-19, I was reminded of my own childhood. In the faces of these children and families, I saw my own family, when we were reliant on the school breakfast & lunch programs before having dinner from the Food Bank each night. If Covid-19 had hit when I was in school, my family would have been devastated because we did not have money to feed my siblings and I every day. It meant so much to me to hand these lunches out to families and further cemented my belief that I am here now to lift up those less fortunate than me. We are changing lives, giving children our shoulders to stand on, so they can realize their full potential.

-Alexander Stoeber