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An accurate Santa Barbara home valuation is critical when it comes to selling, refinancing, or calculating your home equity. Join hundreds of fellow homeowners, and request a free comparative market analysis that includes the current value of your Santa Barbara home.

Zillow says my home is worth ...

The CEO of Zillow recently sold his home for 40% less than his Zillow Estimate! If Zillow doesn't trust its own valuations, why would you? The fact is, online home value estimators simply do not apply to luxury real estate markets like Santa Barbara and Montecito. With our free & personalized home valuation service, a professional real estate specialist will provide you with accurate and actionable data about your home! It's accurate, confidential, and 100% free!

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For home buyers and home sellers, knowing current market value helps you make smart decisions about how much to offer on a house you want, or how to price a home you’re selling.

Gain a clear understanding of your home equity

As a homeowner, your home value is directly related to your home equity. Equity is calculated by subtracting the mortgage balance from the home’s current market value.

Discover if you qualify to refinance at a lower rate

With enough equity, you may be able to refinance into a loan at a lower interest rate or drop your private mortgage insurance.

Median home prices

The Santa Barbara median home price is $1,700,000. The Montecito median home price is $5,000,000.

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