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Seller process videos library

I want to give you a resource this month to educate your sellers in the home selling process. We’ve taken the time here at Zia group to think about the most frequently asked questions and concerns that our sellers have when hiring us to list their home and at different stages in that seller journey through escrow and to close and moving.

We put together a video resource library that goes over the answers to those frequently asked questions. These are different individual video links that our team members can cut and paste in email and send it to their clients at different stages of the transaction to guide that education process.

So if you’re curious, go ahead and click the link below and watch some of those videos. And as you do that, think about how can you integrate this into your own business. Feel free to rip off and repeat anything that I say in any of those videos and just put it in your own local context. Until next time, thanks again for considering us for any of your Santa Barbara and Ventura County referrals.

Click here to view the Seller Process Video library

Daniel Zia