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Buying or selling a home in Santa Barbara can be an overwhelming process. To help simplify this process, we have created a comprehensive library of educational resources, free of charge! Our resource library includes free ebooks, Santa Barbara housing market reports, insider guides to Santa Barbara neighborhoods, hundreds of real estate articles, and even helpful tips on Santa Barbara lifestyle.

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    The 2021 Santa Barbara Housing Market Continues To Boom

    2020 will be known for a lot of things, and a record-breaking year for real estate will certainly be one of its more unexpected legacies,” prominent economist Daryl Fairweather said. And he’s right: most of us would have expected the housing market to suffer from circumstances like a once-in-a-hundred-years pandemic and historic inventory shortages. But,…

    buy house bad credit santa barbara

    Can You Buy a House in Santa Barbara with Bad Credit?

    Some people are under the impression that you must have impeccable credit in order to buy a house in Santa Barbara. That’s truly not the case — there are plenty of opportunities for people with poor credit to start on the journey toward homeownership and end with a set of keys to their very own home…

    buy home santa barbara

    How to Buy a House in Santa Barbara

    Buying a home in Santa Barbara is one of the most rewarding — and expensive — decisions any of us will make. Before you put out the welcome mat declaring “Home Sweet Home,” you’ll want to ensure that your home and your home loan, are sound both legally and financially. This article covers the basic…