Handy Moving Checklist For A Smooth Move in Santa Barbara

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    Moving can be a very overwhelming experience because there’s always plenty to do! But this Santa Barbara moving checklist helps you stay organized and on top of your move. Enjoy!

    6-8 Weeks Before Moving

    • Request quotes & hire a local moving company
    • Reserve a storage unit, if required
    • Organize belongings and set aside anything you won’t be moving
    • Begin packing belongings into boxes

    3-4 Weeks Before Moving

    • Host a garage sale for excess belongings, then donate any unwanted items that are left over
    • Visit the veterinarian and, if moving out of town, collect copies of pet records
    • Get medical records from dentists, doctors & other medical professionals
    • Get school records for any children you have
    • Schedule utility service disconnections & reconnections
    • Service all appliances and small motorized items (boats, mowers, etc.)
    • Take inventory of food in cupboards and freezer, then make a meal plan to consume it
    • Register your Change of Address with USPS (online or at the postoffice)
    • Cancel (or transfer) all recurring services, such as magazines, newspapers, landscaping, trash pickup, etc.

    1-2 Weeks Before Moving

    • Finish packing up belongings
    • Organize belongings based on destination (eg: put all the boxes for the storage unit in one room, and all the boxes for the new house in another)
    • Organize and plan trips to the landfill and recycling center to get rid of extra waste
    • Transfer (or close) bank & other financial accounts
    • Complete any outstanding vehicle maintenance

    3 Days Before Moving

    • Defrost & clean freezer and refrigerator
    • Clean all other appliances, including the oven, laundry machines and furnace.

    Moving Day

    • Keep valuables with you in a safe place
    • Walk through the home to ensure everything is perfect
    • Close any windows & lock all doors

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