Weekly Marketing Report and Performance Updates

Daniel Zia here with Zia Group, and we have some good news. We have completed the first week of marketing efforts for your home or investment property. At this point, I’d like to introduce our weekly marketing report, also known as our marketing dashboard. This proprietary tool created by our marketing team keeps you informed weekly about our marketing and sales efforts and the results they’re achieving.

In your marketing report, you’ll find details on open houses, the number of showings, and the actual marketing results, which include engagement metrics from online consumers with your home across various marketing campaigns. If the information seems complex, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Realtor partner or listing team for clarification.

We also provide showing feedback, which is crucial for making strategic decisions moving forward. This feedback covers the buyer’s impressions of the property, its condition, and pricing. Such insights are invaluable, acting like a diagnostic tool for adjusting our marketing and sales strategies to ensure a successful sale.

Included in the report are the marketing materials created for your property, such as postcards and brochures, showcasing the efforts of our marketing team. We hope you find these materials to your satisfaction.

It’s important to note that we do not filter showing feedback. We believe in sharing honest feedback directly in the report, even if it may be tough to hear. This approach helps identify possible changes that could enhance your property’s appeal, determining what is worth adjusting based on cost, time, and effort.

Please understand that not all buyers will provide feedback, despite our six attempts to gather it from each buyer’s agent. Lack of feedback is not due to a lack of effort on our part but rather the buyer’s agent’s choice not to respond. We prioritize focusing on our sales and marketing efforts regardless.

Thank you for your trust in our team. We’re excited about the marketing results and will discuss reviewing offers and strategies to maximize the highest net price and best terms for your situation in our next conversation.