Day of Launch

I’m excited to discuss the marketing debut and launch date for your home or real estate investment. Firstly, we’ll list your property in the multiple listing service (MLS), initiating a series of marketing and scheduled events aimed at selling your property. The listing date is strategically selected based on your property’s geographic location in the Santa Barbara area to coincide with the corresponding broker’s caravan. For Santa Barbara listings, caravans occur on Thursdays, for Goleta and Hope Ranch on Fridays, and for Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria on Wednesdays. Our goal is to ensure at least 36 to 48 hours of market exposure before the broker’s caravan, allowing your home to be syndicated to public websites like Zillow and This timing ensures that both local real estate agents and potential buyers have the opportunity to see your home and possibly attend the broker’s caravan as their first introduction.

The broker’s caravan serves as both a public and private open house, introducing your home to the real estate community and, in many cases, to consumers as well. This strategy can create a level of excitement and urgency among buyers, as it showcases the unique aspects of your home in a lively environment.

Additionally, if open houses are part of your sales strategy, they will have been scheduled by this point. Depending on your preferences and the property type, we may arrange a series of open houses to maximize exposure. We also discuss the possibility of setting an offer deadline or considering offers as they come in, each approach having its own set of advantages.

Private showings will be arranged based on your comfort level, accommodating buyers who prefer a more confidential viewing experience. Throughout the first marketing week, our team will work tirelessly to promote your home, aiming to attract the highest number of offers and achieve the best possible sales price.

I’ll be in touch shortly to discuss the marketing dashboard and how we track our marketing efforts to ensure transparency and effectiveness. Thank you for your trust.