Santa Barbara Real Estate Market

Housing Market Data For September 2019

A guide to the Santa Barbara real estate market for the month of September 2019

In a year that the Fed swore rates would only increase, September saw another tick down in interest rates. While they did tick back up later in the month, the rates are hovering in an incredible range. The exciting rates are keeping most lenders working around the clock trying to fulfill the demand.

On the sale side, year-over-year, sales statistics of single-family homes in Santa Barbara softened a bit. The number of sold properties decreased slightly, but that’s to be expected as we come out of the Summer market and head into Fall. Even with the slight seasonal dip in activity, astute sellers of view properties know that the coming months can be the best time to show off their view in all its glory. We love this time of year to capture crisper outlines of the islands and some spectacular sunsets.

As we are just months away from the holidays, parent/teacher conferences and fiscal-year end, what are you doing to assess your most valuable asset, your home? Will a refinance drop your monthly payment giving you more disposable income? Or, do you own a view property and want to sell your home in this season where it may capture a more premium price? Talk with a real estate professional at Zia Group today to strategically look at what will be the best next step for you and most important asset.

All data supplied from CORT, Santa Barbara Association of Realtors, and Multiple Listing Service

Single Family Homes for September 2019

Including year over year change


New Listings

11% Increase

Sold Listings

4% Decrease

Homes for sale

4% Increase

Median Sales Price

1% Increase

Months of Inventory


Avg Days on market

3% Decrease

Condos for September 2019

Including year over year change


New Listings

13% Decrease

Sold Listings

37% Decrease

Condos for sale

17% Decrease

Median Sales Price

2% Increase

Months of Inventory


Avg Days on market

34% Decrease

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3 of 5 homes are underinsured by an average of 20 percent

These homeowners don't have enough coverage to protect them if their home is impacted by a fire or another disaster. Worse still, they won’t know it until it’s too late! Call Weiser Agency today to discover if you are underinsured.

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