Supplying key resources for elementary schools in the Philippines

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My Amarie Heart

Impact Partner

In September, Annie Yap, Digital Marketing Manager for the Zia Group, joined efforts with a few friends and founded an organization called My Amarie Heart. They chose the name “Amarie” because it means, “being kind under rather difficult times.” In other words, Annie and her friends believed that even in the midst of their own struggles, they still had something to give.

In the final quarter of 2020, My Amarie Heart focused their efforts on raising funds & collecting donations for several public schools in the Philippines in need of school supplies so that they could continue to offer quality education even during the pandemic. The donations they collected were able to support, in small but important ways, the continued education of over 1,900 students at Alibog Elementary School, Lumangbayan Elementary School, and Aplaya Elementary School in Mindoro and in the Laguna province.

We wanted to be an example that in giving, there’s receiving and that there’s no better joy than knowing we are able to assist someone we barely know and that a little kindness goes a long way. We’re paying it forward for the people who have helped us too when we are so down and discouraged. We wanted to make the world hope and believe that goodness is just around the corner.

-Annie Yap